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/FRE/FU_FRP_SAFOUT_DIF_FCSTCOR - Get Correction Factors for SAF synchronization

/FRE/FU_FRP_SAFOUT_DIF_FCSTCOR - Get Correction Factors for SAF synchronization

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Returns all FRP-relevant DIF Occurrence data with location and product, which must be mapped to SAF correction factors for a given time horizon and for one location and a set of products.


  • Packet processing for products: To reduce memory consumption, the processing of the set of products passed to the function can be split up into several sequential packets of a defined number of products. The resulting list of the single packets is collected and returned to the caller.
  • Range or single product access: The database access for a set of products is faster when selecting with a range of products (BETWEEN <first_product> AND ) instead of selecting with all individual product numbers in a loop (FOR ALL ENTRIES IN access is not possible due to too many other selection conditions). You can detrmine whether the access for all products (within a packet) is done via range or via single object access. Choose range access if all products of a location are requested in one call or the function is called with packets of sorted product IDs (that is, the packets are not overlapping with regard to the sorting sequence of product IDs).
  • In case of range access, products that have been selected but are not part of the requested set are can be filtered out before further processing. This can avoid unnecessary data load in the synchronization if many products are not relevant for replenishment but have DIF assignments.



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