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/FRE/FU_HIST_FILTER_DIFS - Artificial history: Filter time series by DIF periods

/FRE/FU_HIST_FILTER_DIFS - Artificial history: Filter time series by DIF periods

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In this function module, the references assigned to a reference module are analyzed and the DIF occurrences that apply to all references are collected in table ET_HIST_DIF_OCCURR.

All the reference values for the days in the recalculation period having a DIF occurrence of type 'Ignore' on the relevant days are removed from the internal table CT_INT_TIME_SERIES.

The other DIF occurrences are analyzed one by one (loop over table IT_DIF_OCCURR) to find out whether they apply to all remaining references.

  • If the DIF occurrence is valid for all references, it is entered in table ET_HIST_DIF_OCCURR.
  • If the DIF occurrence is only valid for certain references, the entries in table CT_INT_TIME_SERIES are given a DIF indicator for all days within the validity of the DIF occurrence.

Next, all entries that have a DIF indicator are deleted from table CT_INT_TIME_SERIES (loop over table CT_INT_TIME_SERIES).

The DIFs for the equivalent reference module are transferred from table IT_EQUI_DIF_OCCURR into table ET_HIST_DIF_OCCURR with the current reference module number.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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