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/MRSS/BASIS_OBJECT_AUDIT - Measure Function for Evaluation

/MRSS/BASIS_OBJECT_AUDIT - Measure Function for Evaluation

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This function module requires a selection period (date from, date to) as input parameters and exports the number of active resources and the planning node capacity within the selected period.

Active resources are all resources (HR resources, business partners, N.N. resources, teams, tools, technical objects) that have at least one assignment within the selected time period. The number of active resources is returned by ID 2405.

The planning node capacity is determined based on the settings made in Customizing under Settings for Capacity and Demand Overview in the Configure Planning Node Capacity Calculation activity. If no settings are made in this Customizing activity, the system uses the capacity of the work centers that have been transferred to SAP Multiresource Scheduling.

The planning node capacity is returned by ID 2406.



Customers are encouraged to provide feedback about which of the two scenarios they use. If both scenarios are used, the results of ID 2405 and 2406 must be aggregated.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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