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/PF1/FB_CRISIS_REJECT_CB - Rejection business object to be released

/PF1/FB_CRISIS_REJECT_CB - Rejection business object to be released

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This function module is used to reject the exception handling business object to be released.

This function is called during the release processing of exception handling business objects.

  • Parameters:
  • I_REL_OBJECT_KEY: String containing key fields of the exception handling object for database access. The key fields are clearing area, process type, object category, and phase ID.

  • I_FLG_INUPDATETASK: Flag for technical use in the release tool. It is optional and the default value is true.

  • Exceptions:
  • NO_SUCCESS: Exception to inform the user that the business object could not be rejected.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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