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/PM0/ABT_SVC_APPL_FIND - Find Application

/PM0/ABT_SVC_APPL_FIND - Find Application

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You can use this function module to find applications using information about policies, business partners, or insurable objects. Applications can likewise be determined on the basis of business processes. You can use different kinds of search criteria separately or in combination.

The function module supports paging. You can display the returned records on several pages by specifying the number of records displayed on one page. The default number is 100.

To display all returned data records, the paging can be overwritten. Note that the maximum number of records to be displayed matches your settings for the maximum number of hits.

The system returns the following data:

  • List of search results (parameter ET_RESULT):
The search result contains key application information, such as policy number and sales product name.
  • List of error and status messages (parameter ET_MESSAGE):
The system executes the same checks as for the query in dialog mode.
  • Information about the following query results based on the current ones (parameter ES_APPL_RES_COND):
This information includes the number of returned records, whether more records meet the search criteria, as well as the last object ID. This information is used for the paging function.

If parameter IF_POSTDATEDAPPL_FG is set to TRUE, the postdated applications are included in the results list.



  • The function accesses other systems in order to get business partner information.
  • This function module is for synchronous use, therefore it returns no exceptions.

  • If a runtime error occurs, you can call the application log with transaction SLG1.

Further information


You can use the Business-Add-In (BAdI) BAdI: Find Application (Extension In/Out)(/PM0/ABT_SVC_APPL_FIND_BADI) to fill parameter EXTENSIONOUT.

Application: General -> BAdI: Find Application (Extension In/Out).




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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