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/SAPAPO/FOT_GET_RPTID_TO - FOT - Get RP data for 'To' fields

/SAPAPO/FOT_GET_RPTID_TO - FOT - Get RP data for 'To' fields

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This function module reads table RP_MAP_INT_TAB and gets the order ID and RP ID for non-Merge action type. Then it checks whether there is missing receiving RP and creates it if necessary.

-,,Check the action type is not Merge.

-,,Loops at table RP_MAP_INT_TAB,

o Collects TO order number, perform forms GET_ORD_RP to get order ID and RP ID and puts them in table LT_ORD_RP.

o If the order number is blank, loops at LT_ORD_NESTED_TAB to match external ID to get the order ID where the order is not main order (MAIN_ORDER = blank) and order status is newly created (GC_FOT_CREATED = #01#).

-,,Loops at table RP_MAP_INT_TAB.

o Reads table LT_ORD_RP by matching order number and RP number to #To# fields and gets order ID and RP ID.

o If the RP name is blank, uses order ID to call function /SAPAPO/PPC_GET_ORDER_RPTID_IN to get all RPs in table LT_RPTID_QUNT_INF. Loops at LT_RPTID_QUNT_INF to get the first RP name and ID for the #To# fields.

- Calls function /SAPAPO/FOT_GR_RP_MAPPING to get missing goods receipt RP and adds it into table RP_MAP_INT_TAB.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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