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/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_WFMDATA_CONV - WFM-Daten in das GW-Format konvertieren

/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_WFMDATA_CONV - WFM-Daten in das GW-Format konvertieren

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This function module is used to publish the states of WFM objects as groupware objects in a groupware. Table IT_WFM_DATA contains information about which WFM objects these are and how they are to be displayed in the groupware. The WFM_KEY is used to determine the WFM object. This is used to derive attributes for a GW object such as the start, end, description, participants, and so on. The remaining GW object attributes of the GW [appointmentor task], staffing status, and so on). An operation indicator is also transferred that controls the action performed on the GW.

To create a GW object from a WFM object, a mirror image is created of both the WFM object (called WFMOP) and the GW object (GWOP). When you execute this function module, these objects are generated in the WFM Core persistance framework (unless the objects are to be changed or deleted, in which case the existing objects are changed or deleted) and the relevant instructions are placed via a qRFC in an inbound queue (starts with WFM2GW_0*) in the appropriate CRM MW system. Only when the function module /SAPAPO/LRP_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is called, are these objects actually written to the database and processing of the inbound queue in the CRM MW system triggered.

Furthermore, when new GW objects are created in the WFM publisher, subscriptions are performed for the corresponding WFM assignments so that changes made to these objects in the publisher are automatically taken into account using the function module '/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_WFMDATA_CONV_S Convert WFM Publisher Data in GW Format (Simple)'. Therefore, this function module is primarily for creating a GW object for the first time or for making changes that cannot be derived from a change made to a WFM object.

If an error occurs, the internal objects (GWOP and WFMOP) are traced back to their last error-free state. Processing continues for all remaining WFM objects (if they exist) and if no errors occur the objects are saved.

Any errors are returned via the interface table ET_RETURN.



If you execute this function module, the information about the connected CRM MW system (see IMG activity 'Assign RFC Destination to CRM Middleware') is transferred to the MapBox for the GWI. Therefore, you should ensure that the necessary Customizing steps have been performed.

Further information

See also:

- Function module '/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_GWDATA_CONV' Convert GW Data to WFM Format

- Function module '/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_WFMDATA_CONV_S' Convert WFM Publisher Data to GW Format (Simple)

- Classes of the '/SAPAPO/LRP_GW_ADA' package.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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