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/SAPTRX/BAPI_EH_SET_STATUS_ATT - Change Event Handler Status Attribute (Obsolete)

/SAPTRX/BAPI_EH_SET_STATUS_ATT - Change Event Handler Status Attribute (Obsolete)

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Obsolete - Do not use any more

The value of any status attribute can be set for event handlers in the event manager by means of this function module. If the status attribute does not exist, it will be created.

Regarding the meaning of Event Handlers, please see SCEM documentation:

Internal Help Portal:,,,,

External Help Portal:,,,,

(follow the path cross-industry solutions->my SAP Supply Chain Management->SAP Event Manager)

Field STATUS_TYPE represents the status attribute type, which is defined, for example, to identify:

·,,The state of a shipment (planned, check-in, shipment start...)

·,,The status of a vehicle (loaded or empty)

·,,Various exceptions (e.g. delayed, off-route, damaged...)

Required parameter is table EHSTATUSATTRIBUTE, containing the status data.

This function module has been developed according to the BAPI programming guidelines, therefore there are also the standard #required- BAPI parameters EXTENSIONIN, EXTENSIONOUT, RETURN.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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