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/SAPTRX/EVM_PPF_TEMPL - Template for Event Message Preprocessing Function

/SAPTRX/EVM_PPF_TEMPL - Template for Event Message Preprocessing Function

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In SAP Event Management (SAP EM), starting from release 4.0, plug-in function modules can be used to preprocess event messages.

The preprocessing may involve further checks in addition to the standard event message processing syntax check, or changes to the event message data. The user can specify in Customizing which function module is to be used, depending on the event code, sender, location, and tracking ID code set. When the Customizing data is entered, if the function module specified does not exist, the user is prompted to create a new one based on the template provided by the existing function module.

The interface has two modifiable parameters: the set of tables for the message (is_evm_tables TYPE /saptrx/evm_tables) and a return table for possible error or warning messages. Such error or warning messages are returned, in turn, by the BAPI that processes the event messages.



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