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/SAPTRX/QUEUE_NAME_TEMPLATE - Function template for setup of AOIDs

/SAPTRX/QUEUE_NAME_TEMPLATE - Function template for setup of AOIDs

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Function template for determining the queue name for asynchronous connections to SAP Event Management (SAP EM).

The default queue name is the name of the business process type. If you want to have more granular qRFC queues, you must implement this extractor, for example, to use the key of the business object such as a purchase order or a shipment. You must maintain extractors in transaction /SAPTRX/ASC0TF under Queue Name Extractor in the dialog structure and then assign them to the business process type in transaction /SAPTRX/ASC0TO in the Queue Name Extractor field.


See the commented coding on the Source Code tab page.


The queue name can also be specified by calling the SAP EM application interface directly (function module /SAPTRX/EVENT_MGR_COMMUNICATE), for example, in customer BAdI implementations or when you connect customer objects to SAP EM. In this case, the queue name specified in the call to /SAPTRX/EVENT_MGR_COMMUNICATE is considered and the extractor is ignored.

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