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/SCWM/MFG_READ_STOCK_EXT - Stock Information from Production

/SCWM/MFG_READ_STOCK_EXT - Stock Information from Production

rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   PERFORM Short Reference  
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This function module determines production supply related stock information from the production supply areas related to production material requests of manufacturing orders.

If called with a manufacturing order number, the stock is determined for all goods movement bins of the products of the items of the related production material request.

If called with a production supply area, the stock on this production supply area is determined. For the order-related stock (single order parts), the references to the production material request items and the manufacturing order number are determined.

This function module can also determine the consumed stock of a manufacturing order to perform a consumption reversal.

Import Parameters

  • IV_LOGSYS (mandatory)
Contains the logical system of the ERP system.
  • IV_PLANT (mandatory)
Contains the plant of the ERP system. The ERP plant and the logical system name are used to map the production supply area names between ERP and EWM
  • IV_WHS_NUMBER (mandatory)
Contains the ERP warehouse number. The ERP warehouse number and the logical system are used to determine the EWM warehouse number.
  • IV_SUPPLY_AREA (optional)
Contains the ERP production supply area. This function module determines all stock of this production supply area.
  • IV_ORDER_NUMBER (mandatory)
Contains the manufacturing order number. This number is usually the ERP manufacturing order number. This function module determines all stock on the production supply areas releated to the items of the manufacturing order.
  • IV_HU_EXID (optional)
Contains the external identification of a handling unit. This function module determines all stock information about this handling unit.
  • IV_HU_EXID_TYPE (optional)
Is not used in EWM.
  • IV_MATNR (optional)
Contains the ERP material number.
This parameter controls whether the function module determines the available stock or the consumed stock of a manufacturing order.

The values are:
  • ' ' = Determine only available stock

  • '1' = Determine only consumed stock

  • '2' = Determine available stock and consumed stock

Export Parameters

Contains the determined stock information. It consists of the material, the quantities, the handling unit information, the batches and the stock references to production material request items of the manufacturing orders (for single order parts).
Parameter CONSUMED_IND indicates lines with consumed stock.
Contains the serial numbers for serial number managed products of the stock.
Contains message information.




Function Group


rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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