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/SEHS/BAPI_BUS1091_REPLICATE - EHS: Request to Replicate Phrase Data

/SEHS/BAPI_BUS1091_REPLICATE - EHS: Request to Replicate Phrase Data

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Functionality from the Viewpoint of the Caller

This method is used to send copies of instances of the business object phrase by Application Link Enabling (ALE) in a system. Here you can use the method either to request phrase data by pushing or distribute phrase data by pulling.

The prepared instances are then saved in the target system together with the method BAPI_BUS1091_SAVREPMUL (SAVEREPLICAMULTIPLE).

Distribution takes place asynchronously and as mass processing, that is all phrases are sent to the systems entered in the distribution model for each filter object combination.

Rough Description of the Flow Logic


The ALE distribution model must be set if recipient determination is to use the method.


  • General authorization check (C_SHES_TPG, 59, Distribute)
  • Determination of the phrases to be distributed
  • Read the complete phrase header for subsequent recipient determination
  • Determination of all existing combinations of filter objects. Per combination, an intermediate document (IDoc) is created in mass processing that contains the data for all phrases that fulfill the criteria of the filter object combination scanned in the distribution model. This IDoc is thus sent to all systems entered in the distribution model.
  • ALE recipient determination if recipient not specified as parameter

The following must be done for each phrase to be distributed according to the filter objects:

  • Read phrase data using BAPI (with authorization check)
  • Set checkbox structures (all set apart from admin. fields)
  • Pass on phrase data to the user exit for further processing
  • Collect phrase data in collecting tables (ctab)
  • Trigger distribution per filter object combination by call of generated function module C14ALP_ALE_BUS1091_SAVREPMUL

Subsequent Conditions

Asynchronous distribution of the phrase data is started for the specified phrases.

Possible Exceptions


Further information

  • Specification EH&S - ALE
  • BAPI programming guide
  • ALE programming guide

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Function Group


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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