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CCRCE_FCT_CHK_SALES - Function for Blocking Sales Documents

CCRCE_FCT_CHK_SALES - Function for Blocking Sales Documents

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Specifies the function module that subjects the sales document to a legal requirements check. The legal requirements are defined in the substance volume tracking.


The standard system contains the following check function modules for the different logistics processes that can each be integrated in BAdIs or customer exits in order to initiate checks:

Logistics Process Standard Function Module
Production CBRC_EXIT_46C_PRO
Purchasing CBRC_EXIT_47_PUR
Purchasing (Purchase Requisition ) CBRC_EXIT_47_PURREQ

The function module CBRC_EXIT_47_SO must be entered to check a sales order. The function module is called in the implementation IMP_EHS_SVT_CHECK in BAdI BADI_SD_SALES when saving a sales document.


To ensure that the function module saves a follow-on order, you must have defined a quantity limit using Specify Quantity Limits and you must have also set the indicator Proc.Block (Blocking of Business Processes) for this quantity limit.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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