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AAIS0003 - Actual settlements of investment measures to assets

AAIS0003 - Actual settlements of investment measures to assets

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You carry out planning, budgeting, and depreciation simulation for investment measures (orders or WBS elements) in a system other than the system in which the actual settlement takes place. Then you can transfer data on the settlement of these investment measures to capitalized assets using SAP enhancement AAIS0003.
This data is needed in the following cases:

  1. Capitalized assets and planned investments from orders or WBS elements should be included simultaneously in the depreciation simulation (RASIMU01) or in primary cost planning of depreciation and interest (RAKOPL01) and at the same time you select the 'Reduce the basis for deprec. simulation of planned inv. by capitalization' option.
  2. When planning depreciation simulation distributions, you want to display actual settlements that have already been carried out.

In the first case, you have to prevent capitalizations of orders or WBS elements (that is, capitalization as part of fixed assets, not assets under construction) from the current year from being duplicated in the depreciation simulation (that is, being counted once as the balance sheet value of a capitalized asset, and once as the plan or budget value of an order or WBS element).

If you choose the "reduce basis for deprec. simulation" option mentioned above for this purpose, the simulation basis that is created from the plan or budget values of an order or WBS element for a depreciation simulation is then reduced by the amount of settlements to capitalized assets that have already taken place.

Activating and Programming SAP Enhancement AAIS0003

Follow this procedure:

  1. Include SAP enhancement AAIS0003 in an enhancement project. Use the function for project management of SAP enhancements (CMOD).
  2. Create ABAP program ZXAILU01 as an include program.
  3. In program ZXAILU01, add the actual settlements to table ET_IST, which is intended for this purpose.
  4. Generate program SAPLXAIL.


The following parameters are available in program ZXAILU01

    These tables contain the work breakdown structure (WBS) elements or the orders for which the system determines the actual settlements.
  • ET_IST
    The records in this table have the same structure as ABAP Dictionary structure RAIPS_EXIT.
    If some of the actual settlements took place in the current system, those values are in this table. These values can be modified if necessary.
    Actual settlements from other systems can be added as new lines. When adding new lines, either the field POSID or AUFNR has to be completed.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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