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APOAT004 - APO ATP: Check for the Existence of a Location Alias

APOAT004 - APO ATP: Check for the Existence of a Location Alias

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Checking the existence of a location alias

If the rules return substitutions to the availability check, the function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPT_004 is called for each of these substitutions.

The function module checks if a location alias exists for the combination of product and location belonging to the substitution (or set for the substitution in enhancement APOAT001) in APO.


The global variables and tables in the user exit function group can be initialized for the ATP controller using enhancement APOAT003.

The location to be checked for the substitution can be changed via enhancement APOAT001.

After checking all substitutions of a RBA rule, the substitutions of this rule, which are transferred to the calling system, can be chosen (or the confirmations of these substitutions can be changed) via enhancement APOAT002.


Note that this user exit should not return different results or return values within an availability check for a location.


You can only use this customer exit with customer exit APOAB004.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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