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APOCDPS5 - User Exit for the Enhancement to the Evaluations

APOCDPS5 - User Exit for the Enhancement to the Evaluations

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Extending lists for evaluations and heuristics for manual sequencing

In the customer exit APOCDPS5, you fill the user-specific columns in the evaluation lists for Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling and in the heuristic for manual sequencing (SAP003) with values. For more information, see the documentation on customer exit APOCDPS5.

You implement the corrresponding logic in the ZXCDPSUSER05 include for the customer exit.

Application Export parameters
Operation list ET_OPRLIST TYPE
Resource load list ET_CAPLOAD TYPE
WIP list (network) ET_WIPNET TYPE
Production overview ET_PRODOVW TYPE
Sequence heuristic ET_HEUROPRLIST TYPE

When you call up an application, the system transfers the corresponding table to the customer exit. The standard columns are already filled with values. The system fills the user-defined columns in the customer exit.

Defining user-defined columns

You enter user-defined columns in the application as follows:

  1. Define a structure that contains the desired fields.
Use the following naming conventions:
Appication Name of the structure
Operation list CI_REPT_OPRLIST_STR
Resource load list CI_REPT_CAPLOAD_STR
WIP list (network) CI_REPT_WIPNET_STR
Production overview CI_REPT_PRODOVW_STR
Sequence heuristic CI_HEUR_OPRLIST_STR

  1. Start the BALVBUFDEL report.
By doing so, you make the user-defined columns available on the screen.
You must also start this report after you have changed a structure. For more information on this report, see Note 122975.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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