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APOCDPS8 - Selection Function in Detailed Scheduling Planning Board

APOCDPS8 - Selection Function in Detailed Scheduling Planning Board

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Customer-Specific Selection Function for the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board

In the detailed scheduling planning board, you can use customer exit APOCDPS8 to select further objects in addition to the selected objects, according to the logic defined in the customer exit.

To call up this selection function, select the objects in the DS planning board and choose Edit -> Select -> Further -> User. The system transfers the selected objects to the customer exit. The customer exist determines the objects that should be marked in addition to these objects and transfers these back to the DS planning board, where they are displayed.

  • Import parameters

Internal simulation version

Session ID

Start date of the display period
  • I_END

End date of the display period

Table with the internal order keys

Table with the internal resource keys

Table with the internal product keys

Table with the internal campaign keys

Table with the internal operation keys

Table with the internal activity keys

Table with the internal block keys
  • Export parameters
The same object tables as for the import parameters


You can use this enhancement, for example, to select all orders for the products of a selected order. To see a relevant code example, choose Goto -> Code Example in the component view of the enhancement.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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