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APOQT001 - Product Allocations: Initialization

APOQT001 - Product Allocations: Initialization

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Function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_001 is called per order at the start of the availability check.


The global variables and tables in the user exit function group can be initialized for product allocations.

To carry out the intialization, the following function modules for the enhancements can be used:


The user exits for product allocations are divided into two call sequences:

  • Product allocations is the requirements check against the product allocation time series from planning. A complete check is carried out for this call.
    The enhancements for product allocations are:

  • APOQT022,,consumption at beginning situation

  • APOQT033,,sequence of product allocation procedures

  • In the comparison, the results of product allocations are adjusted to the results of the other basic methods. This adjustment is necessary if the last basic method executed is not product allocations.
    The enhancements used in the comparison are:

  • APOQT035,,sequence of product allocation procedures

The sequence of the basic methods is configured in the check instructions.
When comparing, the table entries for the product allocation assignment and the temporary reservations (delta records) are adjusted to the final results of the ATP check.
If the behavior of product allocations is changed by the user exits, the behavior of the comparison must be adjusted accordingly in the corresponding user exits.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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