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APOQT007 - Product Allocations: Product Allocation Assignment

APOQT007 - Product Allocations: Product Allocation Assignment

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Product Allocation Assignment of Partial Deliveries

The function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_007 is called at the start of

  • product allocation and
  • backorder processing.

The product allocation assignment of several items can be transferred.


The product allocation assignment is transferred to the function module.

The quantities already partially delivered can be distributed over the product allocation assignment. The standard distribution of the delivery quantity must then be switched off.


The product allocation assignment is the product allocation quantity that was assigned to a document (for example, a sales order item) via product allocation. It corresponds to a where-used list of the product allocation quantity.
If a sales order is partially delivered, the product allocation assignment that corresponds to this quantity is fixed. It can (and may) not be redistributed again in product allocation (either in normal product allocation or in backorder processing).
If this quantity was not fixed, it can be assigned to other orders. You are then dealing with overassignments.

In the product allocation control several product allocation steps can be used. The product allocation assignment contains the assignment information, split according to product allocation step.
In a product allocation procedure a product allocation group can only be used once.
In a product allocation step the product allocation object can be changed. Different time series segments are thereby put together in a product allocation step.

The fixing of the quantities delivered already in the product allocation assignment must occur per product allocation step. The criterion for differentiating the product allocation steps when distributing the partially delivered quantity is the product allocation group.

If a product is used several times with different characteristics combinations in different product allocation steps (either through several product allocation steps or through the sequence of product allocation procedures) of a check of an item, this user exit must be used. The criterion "product allocation group" is no longer sufficient when distributing the partially delivered quantities. An additional criterion must be derived from the actions in the enhancements (mainly in APOQT018 and APOQT033; for example, the product allocation object).


The enhancement can be combined directly with the following enhancements.

  • APOQT022,,consumption at start situation

  • APOQT033,,sequence of product allocation procedures

If a product allocation group is used several times in a check and if, through the user exits, this causes different characteristics combinations to be used, the partially delivered quantities must be distributed in this function module.
The standard distribution is then not sufficient.


In the comparison, no adjustment has to be made to the consumption of the delivery quantities.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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