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APOQT014 - Product Allocations: Compare Product Allocations Control

APOQT014 - Product Allocations: Compare Product Allocations Control

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Comparison of product allocations controls

Function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_014 is called against a product allocation procedure at the start of the comparison. If a sequence of product allocation procedures is used, this user exit is called per used product allocation procedure in the sequence.


A list of the items to be checked, the accompanying product allocation procedure and the product allocation assignment are copied to the function module.
In addition, the evaluation of Customizing settings that can be changed are copied. These settings include the product allocations control (restored from the product allocation assignment) and the consumption instructions per product allocation group involved.

By changing the product allocations control (for example, delete the product allocations step, exchange objects or change object validity) or the consumption instructions (for example, restrict consumption interval or switch off use of past), the function module can influence the comparison process.

Using enhancement APOQT035, the general comparison process can be influenced by changing the product allocations procedure in the sequence.


The following enhancements can be combined:

  • APOQT035,,sequence of product allocation procedures

Product allocations

If the comparison process is changed by this user exit, the product allocations process in enhancement APOQT012 must be changed accordingly.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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