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APOQT018 - Product Allocations: Check/Find Characteristics Combinations

APOQT018 - Product Allocations: Check/Find Characteristics Combinations

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Adjusting Field Catalog

The function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_018 is called per item and product allocation step.


The current product allocation step, the product allocation group, and the field catalog (with the characteristic values of the item) are transferred to the function module.

The function module can change the characteristic values for a (and the subsequent) product allocation step of a product allocation procedure of an item. The characteristic values determine which characteristics combinations are found in a product allocation group and thereby which product allocations are used in the check.
The function module is called per product allocation step, but the change to a characteristic value remains for the following product allocation steps.

The user exit is necessary if a product allocation group is used in several product allocation steps during the check of an item. This can occur when using the sequence of product allocation procedures.
If different product allocations are used against this one product allocation group during different checks, this can be achieved by using different product allocation objects in the product allocation control.
If this change is not sufficient, the characteristic values must be adjusted in the different usages in this user exit.

If the characteristic values are changed in general (for all checks of an item against product allocations), this can be achieved with enhancement APOQT010.


The enhancements can be combined directly with the following enhancements:

  • APOQT007,,product allocation assignment, partial deliveries

  • APOQT022,,consumption at start situation

  • APOQT033,,sequence of product allocation procedures

Enhancement APOQT001 can also be used for general initialization (only one call per order) of the user exit function group.


There is no user exit for the comparison that corresponds to this directly.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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