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APOQT024 - Product Allocations: Compare Consumption

APOQT024 - Product Allocations: Compare Consumption

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Compare consumption

Function module EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLATPQ_024 is called per product allocations step in the comparison before the consumption of the confirmed quantities against the product allocation assignment.


The confirmed quantities, the restored product allocation situation, and the consumption parameters are copied to the function module.
In addition, previous, unchecked and extra product allocation assignments are also copied. These parameters can be changed.
The results parameter of the function module is the final product allocation assignment for this product allocations step.
If consumption is already being carried out in the user exit, consumption can be switched off in the standard system.

For your own consumption, the unchecked product allocation assignment must be reduced and the final and extra product allocation assignments must be increased by the user exit.


The following enhancements can be combined:

  • APOQT035,,sequence of product allocation procedures

Product allocations

If the consumption of the comparison is influenced by this user exit, the consumption of product allocations must be changed accordingly in at least one enhancement, APOQT021, APOQT022 or APOQT023.

There is no user exit for product allocations that directly corresponds to this user exit.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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