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CATP0001 - Determine target hours

CATP0001 - Determine target hours

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You can use this enhancement to fill target hours individually. You can use the data from the Time Type for Target Hours, Subtract HR Attendance or Absence Hours from Target Hours, and Add Overtime from HR to Target Hours fields in the data entry profile.


If according to the factory calendar a day is non-working, the target hours are set to 0 hours, otherwise to 8 hours.

tables: t001w.
data: is_0315 type cats_0315,
      is_target_hours type cats_hours_per_day.
data: plant like ps0315-werks,
     default_plant like ps0315-werks value '0001',
     workingday_indicator like scal-indicator,
     date like catsdb-workdate,
     working_hours like cats_hours_per_day-stdaz value 8.

* Read plant from infotype 0315
            PERNR           = sap_pernr
            DATE            = sap_begda
            I0315           = is_0315
            others          = 1.

  if is_0315-werks is initial.
    is_0315-werks = default_plant.
 if t001w-werks <> is_0315-werks.
    select single * from t001w
      where werks = is_0315-werks.

  date = sap_begda.
  while date <= sap_endda.
    clear is_target_hours.
    is_target_hours-date = date.

*   Check calendar for working days
              DATE                         = date
              FACTORY_CALENDAR_ID          = T001W-FABKL
              WORKINGDAY_INDICATOR         = workingday_indicator
              others                       = 1.
    if sy-subrc &lt;&gt; 0.
      raise error_in_sap_enhancement.
   if workingday_indicator is initial.
     is_target_hours-stdaz = working_hours.
    append is_target_hours to sap_target_hours.
    date = date + 1.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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