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CATS0008 - CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval

CATS0008 - CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval

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You can use this SAP enhancement to determine the recipient of the approval workflow and to control further processing when released data is saved in the time sheet.

You must set the following indicators:

  • POSITION Position
  • USER User
  • WORKCENTER Work center
  • JOB Job
  • UNIT Organizational unit

These five fields determine the type of recipient. Note that only one of the indicators may be set at one time.

  • AGENT Recipient

Set the recipient with reference to the above recipient type.

  • SCREEN_DARK Workflow screen in background

If this indicator is not set, the recipient determined is displayed for checking and can be changed by the user.

If the indicator is assigned the value "X", the recipient is not displayed. If the agent determined in the enhancement is not permitted (the user is invalid, for example), the agent screen is displayed even if the SREEN_DARK indicator is set. The incorrect data can then be changed.

The enhancement determines the recipient based on the following information:

  • Personnel number SAP_PERNR
  • Data entry profile SAP_TCATS
  • Recorded data SAP_ICATSDB
  • All persons currently approving data for the personnel number (that is, all users who still have work items to approve for the user in their inbox) SAP_AGENTS

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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