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CBWA0002 - EH&S-WA: Customer Exit Account Assignment Check

CBWA0002 - EH&S-WA: Customer Exit Account Assignment Check

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This SAP enhancement enables you to implement your own logic for checking account assignment objects. The customer exit is in the function group XCBWA. The function is called in the function module EHSWA_ACC_CHECK. The function EHSWA_ACC_CHECK is called when the following take place:

The module is called when an account assignment object is assigned to a waste management business partner via the Account assignment pushbutton. It is not called when you assign an account assignment object as an integration objet.
  • Entry of an account assignment object in disposal processing
The module is used both for checking single account assignment and for checking the account assignment objects in multiple account assignment.

The following interface parameters are available:

Parameter Meaning
I_CHECK_COBL Account assignment objects to be checked
I_RECN_DOC Internal data record number of the document
With the modules EHSWA_131_ENTAM_BUF_READ
and EHSWA_133_ENACC_BUF_READ, you can use
this number to read more data for the current
EHSWA_133_ENACC_BUF_READ must be filled with
the RECNROOT from E_IOTAB for the module
E_CHECKED_COBL Checked and determined data
E_FLG_CONT_WITH_STANDARD This parameter must be initial if the
standard logic is no longer to be processed.
E_MESSAGES_TAB Error messages

In the master data, the account assignment data is checked with the module COBL_EX_CODINGBLOCK_CHECK as standard. In disposal processing, the system first determines the G/L account with the module MR_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT as standard. The account assignment data is then checked with the module COBL_EX_CODINGBLOCK_CHECK.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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