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CLCLRS01 - Additional Fields on the Result Screen

CLCLRS01 - Additional Fields on the Result Screen

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This exit is called in the search in the Classification System. With this module, additional fields can be displayed for the search result. Exit EXIT_SAPLCLRS _002 is used to fill these fields.

Fields I_CLASSTYPE for the class type and I_CLASS for the class can be used to control the field selection.

If the neutral classification name is selected in the user settings of the Classification System, the entry FIELDNAME of table ET_FIELDS is displayed. If it is not selected, field DESCR of table ET_FIELDS_TEXT is displayed as the column heading in language I_LANGUAGE. The field names should consist of only numbers, and no field name should occur twice.

For information on the meaning of further fields of table ET_FIELDS, please see the short descriptions.

If the fields come from a dictionary structure, module

CLRS_GET_FIELDS_OF_STRUCTURE can be used to fill tables ET_FIELDS and ET_FIELDS_TEXT. See also the documentation and code example for this exit.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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