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CMFU0002 - Set parameters for time confirmation and goods movements

CMFU0002 - Set parameters for time confirmation and goods movements

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You can use this

customer exit to change the parameters, which were defined in Customizing for time confirmations and goods movements, for the overall completion confirmation.


The following parameters are concerned:


  • C_CORUF_OFFVG ('X': Only outstanding operations are selected)
  • C_CORUF_RUPFL ('X': Only operations requiring confirmation are selected)


  • C_TCORU-CPROT (Display log of the actual costs determination)
  • C_TCORU-GPROT (Provide error handling for goods movements (only for retrograde components in the overall completion confirmation))

Default values:

  • C_TCORU-AUERU (Partial confirmation/final confirmation)
  • C_TCORU-AUSOR (Clear outstanding reservations)
  • C_TCORU-VSSZT (Suggest deadlines)
  • C_TCORU-VSSLE (Suggest activities)
  • C_TCORU-ZUDGM (Settle activities)


  • C_TCORU-ABARB_AKT (Consider permissible deviations of the work)
  • C_TCORU-ABARB (Consider permissible deviations of the duration)
  • C_TCORU-ABDAU_AKT (Actual deadlines in the future are permissible)
  • C_TCORU-ABDAU (Permissible deviation for the work in the confirmation (%))
  • C_TCORU-TRMZK (Permissible deviation for the duration (%) for the confirmation)
  • C_TCORU-QRMDE (Influence of the QM results recording on the confirmation)


  • C_TCORU-PRZST (Control of the confirmation process)

Goods movements:

  • C_TCORU-ACOMP (All components at goods movement overview (no retrograde components for the overall completion confirmation))


The paramters and values determined by the system are copied into the customer exit and can be returned to the SAP system with customer-specific changes.


In Customizing you activated the "Suggest end confirmation" parameter because it should be suggested like this in the individual time confirmation.

However, you do not want this parameter to be suggested in the overall completion confirmation. Therefore, deactivate this paramter when you call up the overall completion confirmation with the customer exit.


If you deactivate the "All Components at Goods Movement Overview" parameter, then no materials are suggested for the confirmation in the goods movement list during the overall completion confirmation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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