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CNEX0006 - PS customer specific fields project definition

CNEX0006 - PS customer specific fields project definition

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The data of the project definitions are saved in database tables that have been defined by SAP. You can use this enhancement to make your own customer specific enhancements to the project definition table (table PROJ).

You can activate our own function for processing WBS with which you can call up a customer-specific screen. Here you can display or edit the new fields that you have included in the PROJS table.

The CNEX0006 enhancement has the following components:

Menu options:


Function exits:


Screen areas:



Use transaction CMOD to create an enhancment project and assign it enhancement CNEX0006.

Using transaction SE11 (ABAP Dictionary) add your field to the CI_PROJ structure. Pay attention to the name range for customer fields. Activate the structure. Note that a table can contain a maximum of 255 fields. SAP reserves the right to add new fields to the PROJ table.

Edit the components using transaction CMOD.

You must :

  • Assign the "Customer fields" function its own name
  • Program the function exit EXIT_SAPLCJWB_002 for transferring data from the SAP application to the screen area
  • Program the function exit EXIT_SAPLCJWB_003 for transferring data in the screen area to the SAP application.
  • Create the screen area.

The function exits are filled when you create the include contained in them. Double-click on the include to edit it.

Activate your project.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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