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CNEX0008 - PS customer specific fields in process (net plan)

CNEX0008 - PS customer specific fields in process (net plan)

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Network data is stored in database tables which SAP has defined. You can use this enhancement to make your own (that is, customer-specific) enhancements to the table for network activities (Table AFVU).

In network processing, you can activate your own function to call up your own screen. On this screen, you can include your new fields in the table AFVU for maintenance or display.

The enhancement CNEX0008 contains the following components:

Menu entries:


Function exits:


Screen areas:



Create an enhancement project with the transaction CMOD and assign the enhancement CNEX0008 to this project.

Create your new fields in the structure CI_AFVU using the transaction SE11 (ABAP/4 Dictionary). Remember to use the naming conventions reserved for customers. Activate the structure. Please note that a table can have a maximum of 255 fields. SAP reserves the right to add new fields to the Table AFVU.

Use transaction CMOD to edit the components.

To do this, you must:

  • assign the function "customer fields" a unique name.
  • code the function exit EXIT_SAPLCONW_002 for transferring data from the SAP application to the screen area.
  • code the function exit EXIT_SAPLCONW_003 for transferring data in the screen area to the SAP application
  • create the screen area

The function exits are filled when you create the include contained in them. Double-click on the include to edit it.

Activate your project.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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