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COOMEP01 - CO-OM: Information system -> line item reports

COOMEP01 - CO-OM: Information system -> line item reports

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You can add user-defined fields to line item reports. These reports can be enhanced with customer-specific authorization checks, that supplement

or replace the SAP standard report checks.

You can change the format of the reports.

These enhancements are carried out in exits that exist as function


in the customer name ranges, ensuring that customer changes are not overwritten during upgrades or new releases.


Note that exits are used for all the report objects listed below. The interface therefore offers parameter I_REP_OBJECTin order to distinguishbetween the objects. Always use this parameter so that the exit uses the desired report object only.

The exits for customer-specific fields and customer-specific

authorization are run through for each record found. You should keep

this in mind when programming so that your coding does not adversely affect system performance.

The potential report objects include:

  • Cost centers
  • Orders
  • Projects (and networks)
  • Cost objects
  • Business processes
  • Document numbers

The current objects available can be taken from domain KAEP_OBJ, where they are defined as fixed values.

At present, you can extend line item reports for plan, actual, commitments, and budgets.

You want to display an FI document number in an actual line item report:


  1. Add the new fields to your corresponding customer include.
  2. Use transaction SM34 to maintain view V_TKALV for the corresponding report object.

    This is necessary only if you want given fields in the customer exit (to read FI document numbers, you also require the company code).
  3. Use transaction CMOD to create a project and maintain your
    user exit.
    Exact instrucutions can be found in the relevant
    application component. For more information, see the corresponding
    function module.
    Choose Display SAP doc.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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