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COPA0004 - Enhancement for currency translation (CO-PA)

COPA0004 - Enhancement for currency translation (CO-PA)

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This enhancement lets you modify foreign currency translation in Profitability Analysis.

The components comprise the function module EXIT_SAPLKECU_001.

Function module EXIT_SAPLKECU_001 can be used to change the exchange rate type for currency translation when actual data is processed in Profitability Analysis. By default, the system always translates the values using the exchange rate type "M". You can change this type (export parameter E_KURST) for a specific operating concern (import parameter I_ERKRS). The import parameters I_CURRENCY_FROM and I_CURRENCY_TO contain the currency key of the currencies involved in the translation.

You can only change the exchange rate type for translating actual values! For planning, you specify the exchange rate type in Customizing when you define your plan versions.


For operating concern S001, you want to use exchange rate type "G" instead of "M" for currency translation. To do so, you would need a user exit like this:


WHEN 'S001'.
E_KURST = 'G'.



You must for the operating concern (CASE I_ERKRS ...), because the user exit is active for all operating concerns as soon as you enter enhancement COPA0003 in a project and activate it.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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