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COPCP005 - User exit for material valuation (strategy U)

COPCP005 - User exit for material valuation (strategy U)

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USER-EXIT for the material valuation (pricing strategy U)


You want to use a price for a material where the price cannot be taken from one of the possible material valuation strategies in the valuation variant. To enable you to use the price you want to valuate this material you can use strategy U in the valuation variant. The system then looks for a price which has been defined in the user exit. This can, for example, be a fixed price.

Enhancements can be processed in Customizing under "Controlling -> Product Cost Controlling -> Product Cost Planning -> Selected Functions in Material Costing -> Develop Enhancements for Material Costing".

You can find detailed documentation on SAP enhancement management in the menu of this transaction (CMOD) under "Goto -> Online manual".

Function module EXIT_SAPLCK21_002 contains Include ZXCKAU08 and is contained in the SAP enhancement "COPCP005". This function module exit is processed for every material if you have selected pricing strategy U. You can find further information in the documentation for function module EXIT_SAPLCK21_002.

This enhancement does not contain any example program code from SAP.


  1. Using transaction CMOD create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement COPCP005 to it.
  2. Create Include ZXCKAU08 and define your coding for the price determination.
  3. Activate the enhancement project and then test whether the price you have given is used.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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