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COPCP_CC - User Subscreen for Additional Data CI_CBEW_USER

COPCP_CC - User Subscreen for Additional Data CI_CBEW_USER

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Customer Exit for Additional Master Data of Concurrent Costing

The master data of concurrent costing is stored in database table CKTC_CBEW. This table was defined by SAP. Using enhancement COPCP_CC you can add customer-specific fields to this table and maintain them online. All fields in table CKTC_CBEW are available for display. Changes are limited to the customer-specific fields of table enhancement CI_CBEW_USER (Include of table CKTC_CBEW, which contains the customer-specific fields). Enhancement COPCP_CC contains the following components:

Function modules:

EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_001 - User Subscreen: PBO Data SAP -> Customer

EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_002 - User Subscreen: PAI Data Customer -> SAP

Screen areas:

Program: SAPLCKTC01 Screen: 0120 Area: USER0001 (SAP)

Program: SAPXCKTC Screen: 0100 (Customer)



Displaying Data

Enhancement EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_001 at the time of PBO enables fields to be filled on the customer subscreen. The transferred import structure CKTC_CBEW_IMP supplies all master data, and the import parameter MODUS_IMP supplies the current mode (either "DISPLAY" or "CHANGE").

Changing Data

It is only possible change the fields of include CI_CBEW_USER. Enhancement EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_001 transfers the current state of table CKTC_CBEW to function group XCKTC and can be changed here on the customer-specific subscreen.

Enhancement EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_002 can now return the changed data to the master data of concurrent costing through structure CI_CBEW_EXP. Note that the Update Flag indicator must be selected before the data can be saved.


  1. With transaction CMOD, create an enhancement project and assign the project to enhancement COPCP_CC.
  2. With transaction SE11 (ABAP/4 Dictionary), create the structure CI_CBEW_EXP. Add the desired fields to this structure. Observe the namespace reserved for the customer for fields. Activate the structure CI_CBEW_EXP.
  3. With transaction SE51 (Screen Painter), create a subscreen in function group SAPLXCKTC with screen number 0100 with flow logic. In the flow logic, you can also control the field attributes (visible, ready for input, and so on). You are free to specify which fields are displayed and under which conditions they are displayed.
  4. Create function module EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_001 to transfer the costing master data from the SAP program to your function group XCKTC.
  5. Create function module EXIT_SAPLCKTC01_002 to transfer your customer-specific fields to the SAP program. At this point you should check the entries in the customer-specific fields and include possible messages. Note: the data will only be saved if the Update Flag field was selected.
  6. Activate the enhancement project and test whether the fields you created are displayed correctly and whether the data you entered was saved.

You should not under any circumstances execute a COMMIT WORK or a write access to SAP tables in the database because this would result in critical program errors and data inconsistencies.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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