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DG560002 - DG: TREMcard Determination of Relevant Specifications

DG560002 - DG: TREMcard Determination of Relevant Specifications

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This SAP enhancement enables you to filter the quantity of specifications that were assigned to a material for tremcard shipping.

In the standard system, the system checks whether a dangerous goods classification has been assigned to the material. If a classification has been assigned, all other entries are deleted, in other words only the tremcard - if one exists - is output for the dangerous goods classification. This therefore prevents the tremcard from being output, in particular, for the real substance.

The customer exit is in the function group XDG56. It is called in the function DG56_SD_INTERFACE_TO_EHS_NEW.

Interface parameter Meaning
I_VALDAT Key date


X_SUBSTANCETAB Substance record number

Error handling:

Since the process runs in the background, the user cannot react directly to an error situation.
In the function group XD71, the function module DG56_INTERFACE_ERR_MESSAGE is therefore provided for error handling. This function module can be used to send notifications of errors to the person responsible. You specify the recipient of a notification of this type in Customizing for Product Safety.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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