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EDMEGTUR - IS-U: periodic replacement - customer-defined fields

EDMEGTUR - IS-U: periodic replacement - customer-defined fields

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The enhancement concept for periodic replacement contains the CI_EGTUR customer include and the EXIT_SAPLE10T_001 exit module. The CI_EGTUR customer include can be created by the user, and contains data, which teh user wants to include as additional information in the periodic replacement list.

This occurs as described below:

If a device is to be included when creating the periodic replacement list, then the aforementioned exit module is called before the data record for this device is saved. As an export parameter, the module contains a structure with device data and data on regional affiliation. The user can then implement the actual coding for the module in the ZX10T01 include. This means that data must be entered in the CI_EGTUR structure at this point. Return value of the module is the Y_EGTUR_CE structure, which in turn contains the CI_EGTUR customer include. This structure is then written in the periodic replacement list, together with the data record for the device.

In this way, you can add customer-specific fields to the periodic replacement list.

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