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EDMLELAA - IS-U: User-defined meter reading type

EDMLELAA - IS-U: User-defined meter reading type

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Exit function module EXIT_SAPLELIN_001 enables you to create meter reading orders for a scheduled meter reading category. This function module allows the customer to control the scheduled meter reading category for each register based on special criteria. For example, orders for meter reading by the customer are only to be created for a certain register if the register fulfills certain creditworthiness criteria. If not, the registers must be read by the utility company.

During order creation for a register, function module EXIT_SAPLELIN_001 is called when the the meter reading category is scheduled. The function module is supplied with two changing parameters, the meter reading category specified in the schedule record, and the structure of the installation allocated to the register.


You store your coding in the following include file:

Function module Include file


Before you implement this enhancement we recommend that you become acquainted with the programming model of the Utilities Industry (IS-U) application component. This knowledge will help you to understand the structure of programs and function modules. It will also assist you during implementation of your coding.


Summary of options:

Input Action in FM Output Action

Ablesart_alt Check -> Ablesart_neu Check against TE438

Ablesart_alt Check, then -> Ablesart_neu Continue

raising no_check

Ablesart_alt Check -> Ablesart_alt Check against TE438

Ablesart_alt Check, then -> Ablesart_alt Continue

raising no_check

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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