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EDMLELAH - IS-U: Compare Customer and IS-U Extrapolation Procedures

EDMLELAH - IS-U: Compare Customer and IS-U Extrapolation Procedures

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The enhancement for extrapolation uses function module EXIT_SAPLELHR_002 This function allows customers to use their own extrapolation procedures and compare and prioritize their extrapolated results those calculated by the IS-U system.

The function module is called at the end of IS-U extrapolation. The function module is supplied with the device, equipment, and register numbers via input parameters. The date for which extrapolation is to be carried out and the decimal place format are supplied in the interface. The unique meter reading document number is also supplied. In order to provide the customer with additional information about the consumption patters of the register, meter eading results and reasons from up until the extrapolation date are provided in two tables. The table of period consumption (or demand) is also provided. The results extrapolated by IS-U (expected reading and consumption) and the result determination method are then transferred via changing parameters. The customer can either filter these parameters or change them in different ways. However, these changes may have effects on any subsequent validations or budget billing amounts determined.


Your store your coding in the following include file:

Function module Include file

You must implement the user-defined method in this include. The return values are the modified expected values and the calculation type in the form of an output parameter and exception code.

  • The exception code ensures that the extrapolation module is exited with an error code when the function module EXIT_SAPLELHR_001 is exited. This allows the customers to transfer error codes that occurred in their programs to external programs.


Before you implement this enhancement we recommend that you become acquainted with the programming model of the Utilities Industry (IS-U) application component. This knowledge will help you to understand the structure of programs and function modules. It will also assist you during implementation of your coding.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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