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EHQM0801 - EH&S-QM: Determine Operations

EHQM0801 - EH&S-QM: Determine Operations

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This SAP enhancement can be used to determine the operations in the inspection plan individually creating QM inspection plans and to assign inspection characteristics to operations.

If this enhancement is not active, one operation only is created to which all inspection characteristics are assigned.

Import parameters

  • I_PROFILE: Profile from QM Customizing that contains default values
  • I_WERKS: Plant for inspection plan
  • I_UOM: Base unit of measure for inspection plan
  • I_VALDAT: Key date that is decisive for creating inspection plans
  • I_AENNR: Change number with which the inspection plan is created
  • I_PLNNR: Group
  • I_PLNAL: Group counter
  • I_ZAEHL: Internal inspection plan counter
  • I_HEADER_TAB: Table with specification header data
  • I_PROP_HEADER_TAB: Table with substance value assignment data
  • I_PROP_TAB: Table with value assignment instances
  • I_PROP_DATA_TAB: Table with substance characteristics
  • I_PROP_COMPONENT_TAB: Table with data for a composition
  • I_PROP_USAGE_TAB: Table with data on the usage
  • I_ADDITIONAL_SETTINGS: This structure does not contain parameters. It can be extended.

Export parameters

  • E_CHARACT_OPR_TAB: Table with the assignment of substance value assignment type and value assignment instance to the operation
  • E_OPR_CLASS_DATA_TAB: Table with operations for the inspection plan
  • E_ADDITIONAL_SETTINGS: This structure does not contain parameters. It can be extended.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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