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EHQM0904 - EH&S-QM: Parameter Characteristics

EHQM0904 - EH&S-QM: Parameter Characteristics

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This SAP enhancement is to make use of the functionality of the parameter characteristics when creating inspection plans with the EH&S-QM interface. Parameter characteristics are inspection characteristics that represent conditions for inspection methods in the inspection plan.

As parameter characteristics were not previously included in the SAP standard system, customers for whom this functionality was implemented must prepare the EH&S-QM interface for the use of parameter characteristics using this enhancement.

This enhancement contains two function modules that must have the functionalities described below:


You can use the module EHQM09_BUILD_CHA_NO_COMP as a template for creating this function module. The following steps must be carried out:

  • Copy the form routine METHOD from the program LEHQM09F02 that was called until now and extend it at the interface by adding a table with parameter characteristics.
  • Also copy the function module EHQM09_DET_METH that is called within the above form routine and extend it by adding the table with parameter characteristics at the interface. In the function module, call the function module QPSD_METHOD_VALID_READ with its new functionality that has been enhanced to include parameter characteristics.
  • Add the values from the EH&S specification database to the table with the parameter characteristics. All tables required for this are passed at the interface.

Import parameters:

  • I_VALDAT: Key date that is decisive for creating inspection plans

  • I_AENNR: Change number with which the inspection characteristic is created

  • I_PROP_DATA_TAB: Table with substance characteristics

  • I_INSPCHAR_WA: Data on the current substance value assignment type from the database table EHQMT_MAIN1

  • I_CHARACT_TAB: Data from the database table EHQMT_MAIN2

  • I_OBJEK: Key for the data record in the table I_PROP_DATA_TAB whose characteristic is specified in the structure I_INSPCHAR_WA in the field ATWRT

  • I_PLANT: Plant for the inspection plan

  • I_CATALOG_NOK: Catalog that contains the not-OK code

  • I_CODEGRP_NOK: Code group with not-OK code

  • I_CODE_NOK: Not-OK code

  • I_DEF_CLASS: Error class

  • I_LANGU: Language in which potential texts for the inspection characteristic are to be created

Export parameters:

  • E_SHORTTEXT: Short text of inspection characteristic if no master inspection characteristic is specified that already contains a short text

  • E_METHOD: Inspection method

  • E_PLANT_METHOD: Plant for inspection method

  • E_VERSION_METHOD: Version for inspection method

  • E_TARGET_VALUE: Target value

  • E_LOWER_LIMIT: Lower limit

  • E_UPPER_LIMIT: Upper limit

  • E_DECIMALS: Decimal places

  • E_UOM: Unit of measure

  • E_INFO: Information field

  • E_SELECTED_SET: Selected set

  • E_PLANT_SELECTED_SET: Plant for selected set

  • E_CHA_LONGTEXT_TAB: Table with long text for inspection characteristic

Table parameters:

  • E_PARAM_TAB: Table with parameter characteristics


As a template you can use the part of the implementation of the function module EHQM09_SPEC_DATA_TO_CHA that is run if this enhancement is not active. The following steps are to be implemented:

  • Create the inspection characteristic if no inspection characteristic exists that is to be modified
  • If an inspection characteristic exists, check whether it is to be modified
  • Carry out the modification
  • Modify the table X_CHA_CLASS_DATA_EXIST_TAB because only inspection characteristics that are to be deleted later should remain in this table
  • The structure X_CHA_CLASS_DATA_EXPORT_WA and the field E_FLG_CHA_SUCCESS should be handled in accordance with the template.
  • Create/Modify the parameter characteristics

Import parameters:

  • I_FLG_NEW_CHA: If set, create the inspection characteristic again

  • I_AENDERGNR: Change number with which the inspection characteristic is created

  • I_GUELTIGAB: Key date that is decisive for creating inspection plans

  • I_CHA_CLASS_DATA_WA: Data for current inspection characteristic

  • I_CHA_CLASS_DATA_OLD_WA: Data for existing inspection characteristic

Export parameters:

  • E_FLG_CHA_SUCCESS: Creating/modifying the inspection characteristic was successful

Table parameters:

  • I_PARAM_TAB: Table with parameter characteristics

Changing parameters:

  • X_CHA_CLASS_DATA_EXPORT_WA: Data for created/modified inspection characteristic if successful

  • X_CHA_CLASS_DATA_EXIST_TAB: Table with inspection characteristics to be deleted later

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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