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EWABLK03 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Customer Field in Bulk Waste Order

EWABLK03 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Customer Field in Bulk Waste Order

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This enhancement enables you to create user-defined fields for the bulk waste order and to specify field checks in the structure logic for these fields. In doing so, you can create and maintain user-defined fields.

You can carry out maintenance in the subscreen of the create bulk waste order transactions.

You must create and activate your own screen and function modules for the subscreen. Your data is then entered and checked via these function modules. Communication with the transaction EWABULKY takes place via the standardized enhanced function modules EXIT_SAPLEEWA_BULKY_003 and EXIT_SAPLEEWA_BULKY_004.


You can define your own coding for each function module in the following include files:

Function Module Include File


Before you implement this enhancement, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the implementation model of the Waste Management (IS-U-WA) component. You need this information in order to understand the program structure and the function modules. This information also helps you implement your own coding.

You can add your own data in the following ways:

If you want to maintain data directly in the table EEWA_BULK_DATA (CI Include), you must implement and activate the following components:

Function modules:



Program: SAPLXEWABULKY, screen number 0100


If you also want to transfer data to the table EWA_ORDER_OBJECT(CI Include), you must create the fields (except for CI_EEWA_BULK_DATA) in CI_EWA_ORDER_OBJECT.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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