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EWAROU02 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Customer Route Fields

EWAROU02 - IS-U-WA: Definition of Customer Route Fields

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You can use this enhancement to create customer-specific fields for routes, and specify field checks for these fields in the flow logic. The maintenance is carried out in a subscreen in the route transaction EROUTE.

You must create and activate a screen and function modules for the subscreen. Your data is entered and checked via the function modules. The communication with the route transactions takes place via the standardized enhanced function modules EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE_002 to EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE_004.


Store your own code, per function module, in the following include files:

Function modules Include file
EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE_002 zxewarouteu02
EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE_003 zxewarouteu03
EXIT_SAPLEEWA_MD_ROUTE_004 zxewarouteu04


Before you implement this enhancement it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the program model for the waste disposal industry component (IS-U-WA). You need this information in order to understand the program structure and the function modules. This knowledge is useful when implementing your own code.

You have the following possibilities for adding your own data for the route:

You must implement and activate the following components for data that you maintain directly in the table EWAROUTE (CI include):

  • Function modules:

  • Program: SAPLXEWAROUTE, screen number 0100

  • CI include: CI_ROUTE (customer include with your own data for the route)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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