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EXIT_MP200000_006 -

EXIT_MP200000_006 -

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The function exit EXIT_MP200000_006 facilitates general, customer-specific validations for all of the infotype records entered or already stored in the week screen, including any activity allocation data.

The following is made available for such validations:

  • BEGDA the date of the first day of the week
  • ENDDA the date of the last day of the week
  • IT0001 all records in infotype 0001 Organizational Assignment
  • ITNNNN all infotype records on the week screen
  • ITPREF pertinent data for activity allocation

Customer-specific error messages can be output on the basis of this data.


Data in the transferred tables must not be changed and the tables must not be re-sorted.

When the function exit is performed, the data has been subjected to all SAP validations and is saved in this form.

Please note the following:

  • The function exit is called up when all of the validations have been carried out for the individual entry lines.
  • The assignment of data records in table ITPREF to infotypes in table ITNNNN is effected via the infotype key (PERNR, INFTY, SUBTY, OBJPS, SPRPS, ENDDA, BEGDA, SEQNR) rather than via the index for internal tables.
  • You can use the function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE to read further infotype data.
  • A very simple example of coding for this function exit is stored in include LX200F06.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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