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BAL Application Log Documentation   BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data  
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This user exit is called up for each individual invoice number which is transferred in the lockbox file. For example, if you want to pay six invoices with one check and the invoice numbers are in the lockbox file, the exit is called up six times.

The call takes place before the SAP system verifies the validity of the invoice number. This means the result of the check on the values you transferred is recorded in the check log.

The lockbox program transfers the following parameters to the user exit (import parameters):

  • I_KUNNR - Customer number
  • I_SFELD - Selection field ( XBLNR = Reference
    BELNR = FI document number)
  • I_SWERT - Invoice number
  • I_BUKRS - Company code

You can use the user exit to check these fields and change them if

necessary. You must export the data to the lockbox program again, using the following parameters:

  • E_KUNNR - Customer number
  • E_SFELD - Selection fields
  • E_SWERT - Invoice number
  • E_BUKRS - Company code


You must maintain the export parameters even if you have not changed the import data. The lockbox program always processes the field values in the export parameters.

Typical Uses

  • Add prefix or suffix
  • Leveling for External Company Codes (not yet released)

Add Prefix or Suffix

Many software systems are not capable of handling 10-digit invoice numbers. If, therefore, you receive only a 6-digit invoice number from a customer, you can add a suffix or prefix to it so that the number returned to the lockbox program has ten digits.

Leveling for External Company Codes

Note that SAP has not released this function. If errors occur when you use it, the hotline will accept the problem and pass it on to development. However, we cannot guarantee that this function will be available in your release.

If you receive incoming payments for other company codes too and if you can tell from the invoice number what company code it belongs to, you can add the company code. The program then carries out cross-company code leveling.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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