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The structure of the monitoring report is defined in the dictionary structures:

  • JIT_MON_HEAD_LISTE (customer include CI_JITMON_HEAD)
  • JIT_MON_ITEM_LISTE (customer include CI_JITMON_ITEM)
  • JIT_MON_COMP_LISTE (customer include CI_JITMON_COMP).

With these customer includes, (such as CI_JITMON_HEAD), the user can include his own additional data fields.

Table MASTER_CT already contains all data from the standard display. It is subsequently formatted using the ALV list viewer (see the documentation for the FB REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY for component block list or the REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY for other views). Before formatting, you must provide the data fields completed with the customer include. This customer exit can be used for this purpose.

Tables SLAVEIT_CT and SLAVE_CT are only used for the corresponding hierarchical views. Table SLAVE_CT is only used for the "Display components" view.

The type of view required can be found from the input parameters SWNOR_IV, SWBLK_IV, SWMAT_IV and SWDIS_IV. The tables are all structured differently, depending on the view. Notes on the indivudual views:

  • Normal view (SWNOR_IV is selected).
MASTER_CT contains JIT call-header data and SLAVEIT_CT contains the appropriate components groups.
  • Component block list (SWBLK_IV is selected).
MASTER_CT contains call-header and components-group data.
  • Display components (SWMAT_IVis selected).
MASTER_CT contains call-header and components-group data. SLAVE_CT contains the appropriate call components.
  • Discrete material (SWDIS_IV is selected).
MASTER_CT contains call header data SLAVEIT_CT contains the appropriate call components with the components group data (components group - call component= 1:1-assignment).

The subsequent list screen layout via the ALV viewer is controlled with field catalog FKAT_CT. The field catalog is already formatted and also contains fields from the customer include. If you should find settings, which are not standard, then the field catalog can be changed accordingly here.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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