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This function exit allows you to make your own modifications to the short text of an issue split.

The function exit is executed as part of the function "Generate issue splits". In the standard System, this function uses the split identification number (JDTVASPLIT-SPLIT) to enter the short text of the issue split (JDTVASPLIT-KBEZSPLIT). (The split identification number is unique for one issue.)

You can use this function exit to modify the way in which the short text is predefined (JDTVASPLIT-KBEZSPLIT).

Input of function exit:
- VAUSGB : Issue
- DRUCKEREI : Printing workds
- BLGZUS_TAB : Insert combination table
(this table contains entries if this is a
"real" issue split, i.e. if real insertions
are made. If the table does not contain any
entries, the issue split is the split that
is created if no inserts exist)

Output of function exit: KBEZSPLIT (short text for issue split)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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