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This customer exit is used in the calculation of social insurance in the public sector Austria.

The customer exit enables the application and amount of the maximum and minimum contribution bases, and the type of rounding for the contribution bases, to be overridden.

The following information is transferred to the Customer Exit:

  • Personnel number (P_PERNR)
  • Type of contribution amount or contribution (V_BEITR)
  • Country ID (V_MOLGA)
  • Payroll currency (V_CALCCURRENCY)
  • Depth of detail of payroll log (V_PROTOKOLL)
  • End date of current SI split (V_SV_ENDDA)
  • Current SV_BI (V_SV_BI) table entry for the current SI split.

The following parameters can be changed in the customer exit:

  • C_FLAG_HBG,,Flag for application of the maximum contribution basis
  • C_FLAG_MBG,,Flag for application of the minimum contribution basis
  • C_HBG_BETRG,,Maximum contribution basis amount
  • C_MBG_BETRG,,Minimum contribution basis amount
  • C_BG_RUNDEN,,Type of rounding for contribution basis

Tables for the payroll log can be filled (CT_PTEXT and CT_ERROR_PTEXT).

Exceptions ERROR and WARNING can be triggered.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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