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This enhancement enables you to program further characteristic derivations and to return the derived data record to the data entry.

The exit is called up from the 'old' data entry (KCEW, KCEL) and from the new data entry with layout (KCE4 - KCE7).

It is accessed after the entry of values for characteristics, meaning on the variable screen (Characteristic values) and on the value entry screen, if values can be entered for several objects in a list form (i.e. not in the single record entry).

With the new data entry, the call takes place after the execution of the standard derivation of characteristics. The characteristics, which are to be derived in the user exit, must be entered in the derivation rules. However, a concrete assignment of characteristic values is not necessary, only the source characteristic and the target characteristic must be assigned. The characteristics: fiscal year and period are transferred to the interface in the data record if you have limited to one value in the variables.

You also have to program the user exit so that values are filled in the table TEXTTAB with the texts for the derived characteristics in the old data entry (and only there). A short description of the interface can be found in the function module 'EXIT_SAPFKCIU_001'.

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