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This enhancement component allows you to override preset values of the asynchronous RFC.

The function module is called with the current destination. You can then set the following parameters:

  • DELETEDATE: Date on which the log is deleted. Format: YYYYMMDD
  • DELETETIME:,Time at which the log is deleted.
  • NO_OF_RETRIES: Number of repeat tries if connection cannot be reached.
  • DELAY_TO_NEWSTART: Interval (in minutes) between each try.
  • SUPPRESS_BATCH_JOB: 'X' suppresses job scheduling despite connection errors. However, you must than schedule the report RSARFCCP with the appropriate destination as a background job with a particular repetition rate.

The call comes from the system function module ARFC_RUN. All CALL FUNCTION ... IN BACKGROUND TASK calls can be influenced by this enhancement.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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