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This customer exit allows the customer to access both ALE outbound and inbound IDocs whose versions are to be changed, before the version change actually takes place. The exit is only reached, when the fields "IDoc type" and "CIM type" in the assocaited partner profiles, have a different content to the fields in the control record of the current IDoc.

In both outbound and inbound processing, the function module EXIT_SAPLBD11_001 is called before the version changer.

The version changer changes only the outbound IDocs. It deletes all segments out of each IDoc which are not found in the structure described by TARGET_IDOC_TYPE and TARGET_CIM_TYPE.

A customer exit is useful in inbound processing, if, for example, mandatory fields in a customer segment have to be filled with default values.

Inbound parameters

The IDOC_CONTROL_IN field string, which contains the IDoc control record, the IDOC_DATA table, which contains the IDoc segments (data records) and the TARGET_IDOC_TYPE and TARGET_CIM_TYPE parameters, which specify the target IDoc type and CIM type, are input parameters.

The IDOC_DATA table contains the data from all the IDocs in the packet, and not only of those IDOCs whose administration data is contained in IDOC_CONTROL_IN.

Outbound parameters

If no error occurs, the IDOC_DATA table and the IDOC_CONTROL_OUT field string are the outbound parameters.

If a change is made to the IDoc data records, the fields IDOC_CONTROL_OUT-UPDDAT and UPDTIM must be filled with current data from SY-DATUM and SY-UZEIT.

Customer Error handling in Exits

If an error occurs, then at least one status record must exist the IDOC_STATUS interface table, and the STATUS field in the IDOC_CONTROL_OUT field string must be filled with 'E'. The status messages are then transferred.

The ALE/EDI layer automatically sets the status value to '29' in outbound processing, or to '63' in inbound processing.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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