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You can individually control the action of active availability control that is to be triggered when the tolerance limits are exceeded.

You have the option of overriding the settings defined for tolerance limits in Customizing. For example, you can specify for particular users that active availability control converts an error message into a warning message when the tolerance limits are exceeded.

In order to individually control the active availability control, you can use the following information:

  • Application
  • Budget value type (payment or commitment budget)
  • Posting activity
  • Fiscal year
  • Year of cash effectivity
  • User name
  • Budget-bearing account assignment (object number, item, and fund)
  • Distributable budget or distributable releases
  • Assigned value
  • Information as to whether the account assignment is in a cover relationship
  • Action originally determined from the tolerance limits
  • Information as to whether the original action was triggered by assigned funds of the "soft" commitment type.

If you not only want to make individual settings for the active availability control but also want to use different tolerance limits, you must ensure that the maximum distributable budget and, if necessary, the maximum distributable release of the budget-bearing BS elements are redetermined.

If you convert the error message into a "softer" action (a warning message or a warning with mail), but the tolerance limits are exceeded, this is logged in an application log. You can display the application log with SLG1 (object FIFMBU, subobject AVC_ACTION).

You can enable a superuser to execute a certain posting even if an error message - according to the tolerance limits defined in Customizing - would appear for all other users.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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